About Us

Searching for a Telecommunications Agency and Consultant? Telecom Cost Solutions provides complete telecom consulting services including local and long distance, data/network consulting and design, and audio, video and web conferencing services. Our clients have saved an average of 25-30% on their existing monthly charges by utilizing TCS's proven telecom consulting services.

We are not a telephone company. We are an independent agent for over 40 different telephone and data service providers, providing such services as:

  • Business local services including Regular business lines, PRI/DSS, and VoIP
  • Business Long Distance Services including unlimited calling
  • Data and Wide area networking (WAN) solutions
  • Audio, video and web conferencing, including streaming video services and equipment.

In the same way that most companies have an agent they use for insurance services for example, we are an independent agent for telecommunications services including local service, data, and conferencing services. Founded in 1998 out of a commitment to serve our clients, our telecom consultants have over 20 years of proven experience, utilizing a proven method for identifying billing errors and potential cost savings. We have worked with many different companies from small business to large corporations with multiple offices across the country. And as an agent we provide these services at no charge to you. Click here to see the top ten reasons companies choose an Independent Telecom Agency, like TCS to meet their individual needs.

Not only are we an agent for many different companies, we are also Telecommunications Auditing agency as well. Because we are an agent for many different telephone and data service providers, we are very familiar with the billing format of these companies, and can easily find billing errors and fees, often resulting in refunds to our clients and significant monthly savings. We will work with your existing providers to get these errors corrected. Click here to find out more about our Cost Reduction Auditing services.

Telecom Cost Solutions. Providing Solutions. Providing Value. For a stronger bottom line.