Cost Reduction Services

Contingency Fee
 If there are no savings, there is no fee. Once we have completed auditing, we share in the first 12 months of savings we create for you.

Cost Reduction
Consider the advantages of reducing your cellular and telecom expenses and being reassured that your services best suit your needs.

You need efficient cellular and telecom services. You might be frustrated with suspected high costs and inefficient services. Or you may be completely satisfied with your current carrier. Consider your relief when an expert validates whether you’re paying too much, or whether you have exactly the services you need. 

That expert is TCS.

You want:

  • To audit your services, but do not have the time or expertise.
  • To save money, but don’t want to switch carriers.
  • Confirmation that your services meet your needs, but evaluating this is challenging.

This is where our expertise can help. And if TCS’s Cost Reduction process doesn’t save you money, you won’t pay a dime.

Our procedure is simple. You provide TCS with bills and contracts, our auditors will inventory:

  • Costs
  • Locations
  • Services
  • Contracts
  • Lines

You will be presented with a complete savings proposal detailing options based on your requirements. When you approve, we implement all changes.

Best of all, you incur no risk when you engage us. Telecom Cost Solutions fee is contingent upon the savings that we find and validate. Let TCS find cellular and telecom cost savings for your company…and you can focus on what you do best.

Service Procurement

Consider the advantages of customized services for your cellular and telecom needs. 

You are running a successful business. Your continued success and growth depends on cellular and telecom services that are designed to fulfill your needs. And those needs are unique. As you research your carrier options, problems may surface.

You want:

  • Services that fit your needs, but your needs are constantly evolving
  • A network capable of expansion, but design requires expertise
  • To quickly examine options, but variables are daunting
  • Seamless implementation, but don’t have the resources to make that happen

This is where TCS can add value and solve your problems. We know the cellular and telecom industry. Your telecom needs are accurately assessed by TCS’s consultants and we customize the options with your current and future needs in mind. Our relationships with carriers and our knowledge of new technology enable us to quickly determine the best telecom service for you, saving you valuable time.

  • We present you with multiple options and quotes so you can decide with confidence
  • You relax as TCS oversees installation of new services and all administrative work

TCS does not charge for this service. Let us procure efficient cellular and telecom services for your company…and you can focus on what you do best.

Telecom Management

Retainer Fee: Clients pay us a monthly retainer fee depending on the customized solutions we provide them.

Consider the advantages of a partner who manages and streamlines your cellular and telecom services. Efficient cellular and telecom management is vital to your business. It can be challenging, time-consuming, inaccurate and overwhelming. Also factor in the expertise and employee time required to address the following.

You want:

  • Control over your services and devices, but it requires time and expertise
  • To be assured you’re not being overcharged, but bill review takes time
  • To resolve billing discrepancies, but you feel it’s not the best use of your staff
  • To maintain great prices, but constant surveillance is difficult.

Now consider the benefits of an ongoing partner who sets your best interests as their top priority. TCS can create a custom solution to manage any or all of the components of telecom so you can relax with confidence.